Cornerstone Training Institute is a premier provider of cutting edge, and innovative training, consulting, and management services. We have long been recognized as a benchmark for quality and integrity when it comes to training

    As a tried and true provider of professional training, we offer you the very best in skills development training and customized training solutions. Our unrivaled experience and expertise combined with our dedicated customer service ensures that you benefit from consistent training and development at every level of your organization 


about us


Our core services can be divided into four categories:

●    Training: our comprehensive range of health and safety training services, such as environmental hazards abatement, construction safety, monitoring and inspection, help our valued clients meet all the relevant regulatory requirements across different industries, regions and markets.

●    Certification: we enable our clients to demonstrate, that their competency, experience, and training are compliant with either State or Federal standards and regulations or customer defined standards, through certification achieved training

●    Consultation: as a leading provider of consultation services, we can help you minimize your risks. Our project specialists and technical experts offer you assistance at every stage of your project  for any sector, anywhere you may need us


Mission Statement

We strive to be the most driven and the most productive training organization in our industry. Our core proficiencies in training, certification and consultation are being continuously advanced to be exemplary in our dedicated fields. They are at the cornerstone of who and what we are. Our chosen business ethos will be solely determined by our ability to be the most innovative and consistently deliver unequalled service to our customers in the .


We seek to be regarded by our passion, integrity, and our innovative spirit, as we press ever forward to fulfill our vision. These values guide us in all that we do and are the pillars in which upon our organization is built.

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