Course descriptions and registration


Asbestos Supervisor

Initial asbestos abatement supervisor certification course is normally completed in 5 days and is required of any person employed on an asbestos abatement project whose duties involve the oversight and phasing of the abatement project 


Asbestos Worker

The initial asbestos abatement worker certification course is normally completed in four days and is required of any person employed on an asbestos abatement project whose duties involve the removal, repair, encapsulation, or enclosure of any ACM


Asbestos Project Monitor

This certification course is designed for those that will oversee the scope, methodology, and or quality control of a project beyond that of the abatement supervisor. A project monitor may serve as the on-site representative of the building owner to oversee the project


Asbestos Air Sampling Technician

The asbestos air sampling technician certification training course is normally completed in two days. This training is required for those individuals who perform asbestos air sampling activities.


Asbestos Inspector

Asbestos Building Inspector Initial 24 hour training course accredits individuals to assess the condition of asbestos material and report the results. Any person who performs the tasks involved in the asbestos survey, identification & assessment of ACMs


Asbestos Project Designer

This Asbestos Project Designer course certifies individuals to plan the scope, timing, phasing, and remediation methods for an asbestos project.

Asbestos Management Planner

The Asbestos Management Planner certificate is for those responsible for facility asbestos mitigation activities, including management of data associated with asbestos activities, asbestos response action planning, asbestos project scheduling


Asbestos Operations and Maintenance

The asbestos operations and maintenance certification training course is normally offered in two days (16 hours), regulations specify that facility or building maintenance staff that perform small scale/ short duration operations, maintenance and/or repair

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Asbestos Allied Trades

The asbestos allied trades (limited handler) certification training course is for any tradesman who performs systems maintenance and/or repair activities inside of an asbestos containment 

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Initial and Refresher Classes Available

Cornerstone Training Institute is accredited by the United State Environmental Protection Agency and New York State Department of Health to provide asbestos certification training programs.

Individuals who complete an accredited New York State Health Department asbestos certification training program are eligible to apply for a New York State Department of Labor Asbestos Handler Certification (hard card) specific to the asbestos activities they intend to perform.

There are several different New York State Department of Labor asbestos handlers certifications; including the asbestos abatement worker, the asbestos abatement supervisor, the asbestos inspector, the asbestos manager planner, the asbestos abatement project designer, the asbestos abatement project monitor, the asbestos abatement air sampling technician, the asbestos operation and maintenance worker and the asbestos allied trades certification.  


Cornerstone will work with you to make sure you receive the proper certifications for the scope of work you intend to pursue.

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