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Facing the challenges of today

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On January 19, 2020 the first case of coronavirus was identified in the United States. Thousands of cases would soon follow and the world would be irrevocably changed.

As many emerge into a new and ever evolving reality Cornerstone Training Institute has embraced the power of online training and found a growing demand for specialized disinfection training. 

As many industries, occupations, and sectors deal with the new challenges posed by this pandemic, we understand that the best leverage against this threat is found in the practices and principles we have long espoused and built our business upon.

COVID-19 industry specific  Safe work practices

CTI Online is proud to present our Industry Specific Covid-19 Disinfection Certification Trainings

In these uncertain times, it is essential for many businesses to modify their standard operating procedures to keep their employees safe and to protect the clients and communities they serve . These in-depth interactive training programs will assist businesses and organizations in building a comprehensive infection prevention/control program and disinfecting protocols to be implemented as today's businesses re-emerge from the shutdowns caused by the pandemic. Cornerstone Training Institute presents a multi-level training suite of Covid-19 safe work practices specific to painting trades,  property management, houses of worship and Faith based organizations as well as schools and colleges. These courses are detailed below:


    This 2hr online webinar builds upon the information covered in the Covid-19 Industry specific intro to Infection Prevention and Control  This course is geared specifically for any painting professional that will conduct more enhanced cleaning sanitizing and disinfecting. This course covers:


    • Enhanced Cleaning, Sanitizing and Disinfection Protocols for fleet vehicles, equipment, homes and businesses.

    • Chemical Disinfection Specifically for COVID-19 and proper chemical safety

    • Personal Protective Equipment and Respiratory Protection

    • Pre project/ business start disinfecting interventions and preparations


    This level of training is tailored specifically for any industry professional or organizational leader that plays a critical role in the design, implementation and evaluation of an effective infection prevention and control program. This would look at the more managerial or supervisory level employee that would typically be considered a “competent person” under most applicable OSHA standards. This course would cover the following course topics.


    • Identification and classification of employee exposure risks

    • The importance of safety data sheets in selecting and using chemical cleaners and disinfectants

    • State of the art disinfection and applications and methodologies

    • Elements of an effective infection prevention and control plan

    • Proper assignment and evaluation of employee personal protective equipment (PPE)

    Coordination of task specific IPC measures and how to document compliance and Quality Controls


    This is a course designed for Disinfection Managers or any professional/ organizer needing a better understanding and information on how to formulate appropriate infection prevention and control plans as well as author effective cleaning and sanitizing protocols. This course will offer detailed interactive documents and case studies as well as a live 1 hour webinar/conference for an expert Q&A and summary review.  This workshop will look at the following areas:

    • Site Characterization/ Assessment

    • Evaluation and Risk Prioritization 

    • Control Options and Employee/Client Protection

    • Cleaning Protocols and Prevention Program Implementation

    • Recordkeeping 

    • Quality Controls and Assurance

    • Insurance Overview

    This course will expound further on the concepts covered in our ​Infection Prevention and Control for Managers

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