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  • Darren Yehl President

Dear Cornerstone Friends & Family, 17 years strong!! Thank You

Updated: Jan 24, 2021

Hello everyone!

A quick history and a long update 😉!

CTI is beginning our 17th year in business. We are humbled, and have so much gratitude for all of you who have been in anyway instrumental in our growth. CTI was built, like a structure; from the cornerstone on up. We have been building and strengthening our partnerships each and every step along the way. Looking back at "humble" beginnings, I reflect on the time in the field working for one of the best asbestos contractors I know, and working with their partner training company, Envotech; thank you Pete, Darlene and Kevin!

Then I started Cornerstone Training Institute with a 2 wheeled cart with an overhead projector and a “slide show”, renting a space on an as-needed basis by my friends at IFCO. Thank you to the Lills!. I did an impromptu class for LeChase Construction and was hired as their Asbestos and Environmental Remediation Manager; thanks Rich and Ray!

While working at LeChase for 7 years, I needed a team to run the business, thank you Herb, Jim, Jim Jim, and Jim. John, Dave , Andres, Julio, Zulmarie, Enoch, Terry, Dan, Jason and Davis; it’s a lot of Jim’sI know. then I came back to CTI after my run with LeChase with a new partner who helped me take the business in a new direction; Thank you Kevin! We tackled some more large scale consulting jobs in Massena and Syracuse; thank you Tim and Irfan!

Somewhere through this journey I was hired by the United States Department of Justice to be an expert witness for an environmental crime case in Rochester. Then, as life is apt, I went through some ups and downs, in both professional and business life, but profoundly grateful I found a re-centering, if you will. Today I am connected to my soulmate that I’ve known for 23 you Jenn; I’m happier than ever and I am continuously amazed on what that "2 wheeled cart, overhead projector and slide show” has become today.

I can’t tell this story without mentioning those people who have been and continue to be, the pulse and drive that keeps CTI going.

Lynn. She doesn’t need an introduction, If you know CTI, or if you just know “Asbestos Training in Rochester NY” don’t need Google, or social media to know how to get hooked up with an upcoming class or how to address a critical admin issue just “call Lynn Burlingham!” Lynn is the glue that holds us all together. I’ve said it a million times, thank you for the tremendous time and effort you have dedicated, more than anyone could ever know. Thank You!

The past few years we have grown even more than expected, thanks to Astrid, Randy, Shelly and Jean! We came into 2020 ready to “rock it”...then... like the rest of the world, we “got rocked!” The pandemic has been a call to action for CTI. Through the quick and diligent work of Mr. Polito and Dr. Duford in helping us create new curriculums for Disinfection Certifications. With faith and strength in we pulled together, invested in the future and hired more staff to bring us into the digital future! Thank you Mark and Mike Gonzalez (no relation, at least that's the story they're sticking too). With lots of help, CTI has reached all parts of the globe. Our webinars have been and continue to receive 5-star ratings, as our online offerings steadily expand into newer markets.

In response to the unprecedented demands of this pandemic on our industry we have been pushed into the future of training! Since March of 2020, all of the other providers have been either shut down or limited in our capacity. I’d be lying if I didn’t say thanks for the Federal and State assistance, that has aided many small businesses, during this time. More importantly thanks to those that continued with the business of training, maintaining accreditations and certs, through our online platform, and then back in classrooms when the restrictions lifted.

So here we are. 2021, optimistic and faithful as ever...and just beginning our 5th consecutive year with the City of Rochester REJOB training program. Thank you ROC, and thank you Paul for a tremendous opportunity and a strong partnership with the best program I’ve ever been involved with! It has been a whirlwind of a year and an exhilarating 17 years, and on behalf of all of us at Cornerstone Training Institute; Thank You!

Please check out our new website at or We look forward to seeing you in class or on camera and we are excited to show you all that we’ve been working on. Be sure to inquire about our personal/corporate student management system where you can have anytime/real-time access or your employee records and scheduling from any device Look out for our revolutionary and expanding course additions utilizing 360 imaging, Virtual Reality, paperless, green, and lots lots more!!!!

God bless, and stay safe!

Darren Yehl



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